The Wine Addict

Hello. May name is David and I am a wine addict.

Over the last twenty or so years, my compulsion for wine has grown into a collection of over 35,000 bottles. It’s an expensive habit, but worth every dollar spent. Of course, I’ve made mistakes buying, but it was never anything I couldn’t recover from, and I learned from each. I’ve also had my share of exhilarations. You know the feeling — the euphoria from knowing you are the new, proud owner of something rare, special and coveted by others.

I tried curbing my addiction a few years ago by opening a restaurant and spreading my collection over two continents. But, that just fueled the fire. This decision was supposed to reduce my inventory, but my need to offer the best selection and variety possible lead to more purchases.

I know I am a lucky man, especially since I am able to support my addiction. Success in the 90′s allows me to follow my passion for and dependency on the finer things. I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences, knowledge, and passion for the good life!


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